Design Process

It’s our belief that a solid concept leads to a successful design.

Please take a moment to review our approach to the landscape design process. We believe that taking time to understand you and your site will lead to a landscape you can be proud of for many years.

Initial Consultation

Our design professionals will meet with you, on site to accomplish three important tasks. First and foremost, we will introduce you to our design philosophy and how we go about preparing our design. We will then begin to asses your site. Lastly, we will answer any questions you may have pertaining to your design project.

Site Analysis

On a separate occasion, after meeting with our client, we perform a Site Analysis. The object of this phase is to become adequately familiar with the site. This allows us to properly begin the preliminary design. Measurements are taken, elevations are recorded, if necessary, and all parameters of the site are noted.

Preliminary Concept Plan & Rendering

Our concept plans tend to be very developed as a result of our thorough site analysis. Included in the concept’s plan are landscape, bed layout, walk and patio layout and landscape structure placement.

Design Fees

The valuable time we spend getting to know our client and our site is critical to the outcome of our projects.  We spend a great amount of time making every project unique.  From understanding the site to explaining the plans, we are passionate about what we do.  Our design process is special.  We like it that way.  We give a detailed cost proposal for all design work, prior to commencing.

Landscape Design

The final step to achieving good design is the culmination of the previous tasks. The final landscape plan includes detailed drawings of all plant locations, all plant names and the hardscapes layout are finalized. The homeowners as well as the contractors, receive a detailed drawing of the landscape project. Two (2) copies will be given to the client.

  • Graduate of Colorado State University, B.S. Horticulture/Landscape Design
  • Featured on R News Garden Makeover, 1999
  • Best in Show, Gardenscape 2000
  • Chase Pitkin Home & Garden Show/Speaker, 2000
  • RPO Symphony Showhouse/Landscape Designer, 2000 and 2002
  • Nazareth College Bocce Court, Commissioned Project 2003
  • Designer, Award winning landscape Homerama 2004
  • Member of ALCA and Gardenscape Professionals
  • Gardenscape 2005, Design Judge
  • Awarded BEST in SHOW at the 2008 and 2009 Gardenscape Show
  • 2011 NYS Nursery and Landscape Association Environmental Beautification Award
  • Exhibited at the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival : 2010 – 2014